I'm alone on the earth no one heard me ..calling u until my lungs have torn
I posed in horror !! everything falling apart I'm alone !!
I m so hallow without u a soul without a sense everything I had just gone ..
I m going under the ground , there is some power pulls me down
The darkness chasing my sprit changing my eyes into stone
There is nothing I can do the facts strike my mind
All my dreams have been vanished in a second …..my heart crying inside
What about the promise that u told me "I d never leave u alone "
U can't save me this time u not with me now
I want 2 find the light, but I don’t know how?
I m so tired of being without u
Surrounding by my grieve tears
My heart eaten up by my biggest fears
The scary fact that u r not with me anymore…
I curse u many times cause I want u r phantom chasing me I want 2 see u once more

Without u I m not existed , I can't go back 2 reality…the grieve trees in me r so grown
My heart turned 2 ashes & fly away but my body ,stuck here in the unknown
I frighten 2 bounded in this life 4 ever I m just a ghost waiting 2 her journey begin
U the only one who can save me , don’t leave me live here ..my soul here have been forgotten
take me with u pull me from the misery, tortures & pain ,that I had drown


متاهاااااات الخيال