Hurtful things :(

heey there

i've got some english poetry read and enjoy

Hurtful things will be said

but I?d still cry if you were dead

Tears of joy and tears of laughter

we can?t live happily ever after

songs of love in the season

you left me without a reason

I called your cell I called your home

then I noticed you wanted to be left alone

I got scared and lonely too

when times were bad I didn?t know what to do

I searched for help I searched for support

there was no success so then I left to the airport

I went on the plane and looked around

hoping that you would be found

no one waving good-bye to me

I?d be gone before anyone could see

so I wiped the tears from my eye

I begged myself not to cry

I was on the plane to disappear

but a horrible fate was to near

those Hurtful things that we said

would you still love me if I was dead