Iam smiling but iam close 2 tear
iam happy but iam close 2 fear
i feel like this is the end of my days
so i have a short time which i dont want 2 waste
This is for my wife which i never marry
this is for my son which i never carry
this is for u apricot
and with this word i show u my love
my love which is biggest than a shine star
but u couldnt see it coz it is so far
i will forget every thing but u will last
i hope if u be here so that we can do our last dance
the dance which i wished 2 do in our wedding day
but perhaps u do it in my funeral play
i will be gone this and is my fate
it been wrote before even i be made
This time i will be gone without coming back
and i will let u live ur own life
i will remember u even when iam under grave
coz u r some kind person that i cant forget
and finaly this not the end
this is just the begini